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Reliable Computer Diagnostic Services for Your Vehicle in Scarborough since 1980

Arsen Automotive Sales & Service has been in the automobile industry since 1980. Our team, with vast experience and knowledge, is committed to offering quality professional computer diagnostic services in Scarborough. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Hence, we offer quality auto repair and maintenance services. Call us today to learn more.

Complete Computer Diagnostics Service

If you notice a “check engine” or a “service engine soon” light in your instrument cluster, there are chances that your vehicle has stored a diagnostic trouble code. This sign displays when the computer system of your vehicle has detected a problem with various systems it controls. Your vehicle’s systems are monitored by various sensors, and if the trouble code light has been illuminated, your vehicle enters into the “limp mode.” In this situation, your vehicle will run on a predetermined program resulting in poor mileage and increased emissions.

An engine trouble code reader is an easy-to-use tool. All 1996 and newer vehicles utilize a “D” style plug-in connector which connects to the code reader. Most of the vehicles have this connector located at the driver’s compartment. Once the code reader is plugged in, we can get the trouble codes stored in the memory by the engine computer. Accurate computer system functioning is important for optimum functionality of your car’s engine. Many engine runability problems can be related to a weak or failing sensor producing a diagnostic trouble code. Problems can range from hard cold engine starting, low power, and stalling while driving.

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  Check Engine Light

In order to check your engine thoroughly, a certified technician transmits information from your vehicle’s computer into a diagnostic tool. This tool helps the technician to get the information that is needed to properly diagnose why your vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated.

The Auto Professionals You Can Trust

We take pride in offering a full-line of auto mechanic services in Scarborough. Our team can repair and service all makes and models.

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