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Dependable Auto Maintenance Services in Scarborough since 1980

Arsen Automotive Sales & Service is the right choice for you when you need an experienced team to fix your automobile issues. Since 1980, we have been offering reliable auto maintenance services in Scarborough. Our team pays attention to detail on every job handled, and we aim at getting you back on the road in a timely and professional manner. To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, call us today. Go through this page to learn more about what we offer.


The batteries in your vehicle are the source of power. They also provide the power required for the functioning of electrical components and accessories, including interior and exterior lighting, windows, power seats, and radio. Our team specializes in the state-of-the-art computerized battery tests. Once the test is done, we will carry out the required procedure to fix the problem. From replacing and disposing of the existing battery to removing corrosion from the battery-cable terminals, we handle everything.

Why is battery service important for my vehicle?

Various factors like under-hood temperatures, vehicle vibrations, and extreme cold/hot climate conditions damage the internal components of a battery and limit its life expectancy. Everything in your vehicle fails if your battery fails. Hence, it is important to service your batteries regularly.

How often should I get my batteries checked?

Generally, the average life expectancy of a battery is about 4 years. If you tend to notice any of the following electrical system warning signs, it’s time to get your batteries checked. Take a look at the signs that shouldn’t be left unnoticed:

You have to jump-start your vehicle to get it running

Your engine turns over slowly, or not at all

Your dashboard warning lights stay on

Some of your electrical components aren’t working

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Replacing your brake pads periodically will help you save money by preventing a “metal-on-metal” condition that accelerates the need to replace expensive rotors and/or drums. Our team is trained and equipped to maintain, repair, and replace your brake system to ensure it is working efficiently. Our brake services include:

Replacement of worn out brake pads and/or brake shoes

Resurfacing brake rotors or drums

Replacement of brake fluid as needed

Why is it important to get my brakes serviced?

You need to keep your brakes functioning well as they are essential for the vehicle’s safety and reliability. Brake pads, shoes, drums, and rotors are made of materials that wear down due to heat and friction. This can happen even under normal driving conditions. These issues can affect the brake system’s hydraulic components such as callipers, wheel cylinders, and brake hoses. Failure of these brake components can lead to costly repairs and loss of braking.

How often should I get my brakes checked?

In order to keep your brakes responsive, it is necessary for you to have them checked at least once a year. This will also help you avoid costly repairs and replacements. However, you need to get your brakes checked immediately if you tend to notice the following:

Your brakes are continuously squeaking, squealing, or grinding

You need to pump your brakes for them to work properly

Your brake pedal feels unusually soft and spongy, or hard

Your brake or anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on

Your car jerks or pulls to one side when braking

You notice brake fluid leaks around the wheels or engine compartment

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Hoses and Belts

You need to get your vehicle’s hoses and belts checked and replaced regularly to avoid unexpected breakdowns and serious engine damage due to overheating. This service includes replacing worn out belts and hoses, and adjusting the fit of installed components. It is advisable to check the condition of your vehicle’s belts and hoses with every oil change.

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Oil Change

Routine oil change helps in removing particles and sludge. This contributes to the optimal functioning of your vehicle’s engine. Poor engine lubrication may lead to increased fuel consumption. At our facility, we offer your choice of premium oils, from conventional oil to 100% synthetic oil. You can count on us for:

Oil filter replacements
Lubrication of all fittings
Filling and topping-off of all fluids
Air filter checks
Engine inspection for leaks
All belt and hose checks
Tire pressure checks
Entire undercarriage inspection

How do oil changes help my vehicle?

Oil change helps in protecting your engine by preventing wear, rust, and corrosion in all climates. If you want to keep your vehicle running smoothly, regular oil changes, lubricated fittings, and new oil filters are essential.

How often should I have my oil changed?

It’s recommended to check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations. However, most vehicles require oil change every three months or 3,000 miles/4,800 km.

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Tune-up Services

A vehicle tune-up is done for preventative maintenance. During the tune-up service, minor issues such as a dirty filter, sparkplug problems, loose connection and other issues can be detected. Determining these problems in the initial stage and fixing them will help you save and avoid major problems. You can reduce vehicle breakdowns, and increase the life and efficiency of your vehicle with regular tune-up services.

The Auto Professionals You Can Trust

We take pride in offering a full-line of auto mechanic services in Scarborough. Our team can repair and service all makes and models.

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