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Headlight Lens Restoration Services in Scarborough since 1980

Headlights are one of the most essential parts of your vehicle as they illuminate the driveway, and ensure safe driving. If you feel your vehicle’s headlights are aged and have become cloudy or hazy, turn to the professionals at Arsen Automotive Sales & Service. Our team has the experience and equipment to offer reliable headlight lens restoration services in Scarborough. We will always work towards fixing all your issues in a timely manner.


Most modern vehicles use replaceable bulbs that come with plastic lenses which are lightweight and durable. These are more prone to discolouration than the all-glass, sealed-beam units. This issue limits the visibility and diminishes the appearance of the vehicle. When you come to us, we will restore the dull or yellowed headlights of your car. Our system takes only minutes to complete and puts a more effective, permanent coating on the lens. Call us today to book an appointment.

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