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Steering, Suspension and Wheel Alignment Services in Scarborough since 1980

A lot of factors play a major role in keeping your vehicle in good condition. You need to consult a trained team of auto mechanics to solve your auto-related problems. If you feel your wheels are misaligned or your steering is not functioning well, Arsen Automotive Sales & Service is here to help you. You can count us when you are in need of steering, suspension and wheel alignment services in Scarborough. Please feel free to reach out to us for an appointment.


Wheel alignments need to be done on a regular basis because over time, wheels’ angles change. If your vehicle has hit a large pothole or met with an accident, there could be a possibility of misalignment.

Why is a wheel alignment important for my vehicle?

Proper and timely wheel alignments are essential to ensure driver safety, create a smoother ride, and help increase fuel efficiency. Alignments could save you money on replacing tires due to premature tread wear.

When should I bring my vehicle in for a wheel alignment?

Most manufacturers recommend a 4-wheel alignment at least once a year. Other times, you may need a front-end or 4-wheel alignment during the following scenarios:

After a collision, accident, or hitting a large pothole

When replacing suspension or steering parts

If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side when driving

If your steering feels unstable or you feel a vibration

If your tires are wearing out unevenly or squeal on turns

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Steering and Suspension

This service is for replacing worn, damaged, or missing steering or suspension parts that are not performing as intended. Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension is important, as it increases comfort while driving and enhances its performance. It can also save you big by eliminating premature tire wear.

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The Auto Professionals You Can Trust

We take pride in offering a full-line of auto mechanic services in Scarborough. Our team can repair and service all makes and models.

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